Mealer Motorsports Initiative

To keep it simple…

Our drive to pull in the world’s best of the best in road racing while creating a climate of high paying automotive, advertising and industrial jobs high end businesses is becoming a reality. Our private funding sources are nearly ready and set to go with this nationwide, hugely successful style of industry. Yes, Motorsports is an industry and the Mealer Motorsports Initiative runs the widest range of outreach through our exploratory committee.

Arizona will become the next spot for NASCAR 500 races and essentially provide a starting gate for every year round race that the Daytona 500 can supply to it’s paying clients. The economy will surge on construction of this massive project alone. indy500

The Phoenix Grand Prix WILL return to Arizona in a much more appropriate climate for racing Indy cars. Whoever thought of Indy cars in the middle of a Phoenix summer must have been operating a two stroke mind in a four stroke world. Why would the Grand Prix event organizers pay Phoenix and Arizona to host an event that make the city and state money is beyond comprehension… That sad state of events is more or less having your cake, eating it and forcing someone else to clean up the mess. The advertising opportunities for local business and event vendors alone will far surpass the Indy event fees of the past. 30 some odd years is far too long for Arizona to host such an world recognized racing event. For those who recall the last race, we can honestly say that the Ostrich Festival racing can finally be given a break.


Placing JL Mealer in the Governor’s seat of Arizona by 2014 will literally be the make or break for Arizona and this drive to put Arizona back in the game and en route to the top of the food chain when it comes to a national comparison of statewide economies. Motorsports is but one of the Industries and programs that a governor Mealer can and will bring to our Great State.

A few other examples are:

Global Airlift – A huge infrastructure industry in it’s own right that bases both their multi-Billion dollar projects, their heavy lift and deliver capabilities of what will become several major Arizona manufacturing plants (with retail, wholesale and exporting to add to the expansion) along side of their many humanitarian airlift missions that cause the Berlin Airlift to pale in comparison. Boeing-C-17-Globemaster-III

mealer2014azgov_200x300CVRpx4The Mealer Automobile will be a gift to the state with the 2014 Governor Mealer handing over the reigns and profits to Arizona Taxpayers, while he offers to work for no more than minimum wage until he proves the over-all Mealer Initiative 2014.

Arizona will become a global hub of extremely competitive priced -100% USA made, assembled in Arizona- computers, cell phones, TVs, and electronics of all types. And that’s just the beginning of Electronics and manufactured products for our Great State.

Other than that, the obvious thing we do to keep the dreams and goals alive for our projects is quite clear.

We would appreciate your support in the training of people at USA manufacturing jobs and those related to USA Mfg. plus classroom teaching for the large amounts of white collar positions related to exporting, sales and a host of businesses under the umbrellas of the inter related companies we expect to bring funding to. This is what we call an American jobs extravaganza.

Another root reason for our existence is to entice larger (existing) businesses to areas where jobs are needed most and to retrieve the trust and interest of US Corporations who have ‘gone overseas and across America’s borders’ in search of cheaper, less restricted labor, and bring them back to depend on Arizona’s newly trained workforce.

Additional legal terminology: The nonprofit purpose of MEALER INITIATIVE ASSOCIATION (Motorsports) is to promote this proven style of economic growth so as to entice a climate of ‘local community[ies] state of health and welfare’ IE. enable unemployed, underemployed individuals the training in skills necessary to better the community[ies], and our Great State and to make loans to businesses as an inducement to locate in an economically depressed area in order to alleviate a community’s unemployment and lessen the burden on the state and federal governments. downtown phx

This 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation falls under the IRC 170(c)(1),(2) donation exemption because pursuant IRC §501(c)(4), this entity is not disqualified under IRC 170(c)(2)(D) as a 501(c)(3) corporation. Said corporation may also exist as a dedicated civic league (Motorsports memberships themselves) or organization not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social (people to people) welfare while advancing member and nonmember public job creation and training/education. See Rev. Rul. 67-294,1967-2 C.B.193.

Any activity which is inconsistent with the designation as a Charitable Organization is prohibited and is void ab initio. ladynohome

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Let’s state this the Mealer way, “I am here to help you, whether you expected it or not… Please, just never call me a politician!”

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